Zinnia Permanent Supportive Housing

Zinnia Permanent Supportive Housing2000 Sunset Way, Longmont, CO https://www.longmonthousing.org/https://www.longmonthousing.org/ Under Construction The 39,500 square foot, four-story building consisting of 55 one-bedroom Permanent Supportive Housing units and associated amenities will provide critical housing and supportive services to Longmont residents experiencing homelessness. Element is facilitating a coalition of funding partners to help

Bluebird Permanent Supportive Housing

Bluebird Permanent Supportive Housing2445 30th Street, Boulder, CO Property Manager:https://www.brotherspropertymanagement.org/contact-ushttps://www.brotherspropertymanagement.org/contact-us Under Construction Bringing 40 Permanent Supportive Housing units to the evolving Boulder Junction neighborhood, Bluebird will provide critical housing and supportive services to Boulder residents experiencing homelessness. Element helped assemble a coalition of funding partners to help make Bluebird possible

Meredith House

Meredith HouseS'Park, Boulder, CO https://www.sparkboulderapts.com/MEREDITH-HOUSEhttps://www.sparkboulderapts.com/MEREDITH-HOUSE Under Construction Meredith House is part of the last phase in the S’Park project. The building was designed by Surround Architecture and will feature 15 two-bedroom residences with street-level retail. Meredith House construction will commence in Q1-2021.