2000 Walnut

2000 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO

Completed 2015

For Element Properties, 2000 Walnut was a passion project and highlights the company’s experience in and commitment to revitalizing the Whittier neighborhood. One of our team members walked past this property every day for 10 years before Element was able to acquire — and then bring new life to — the development. Despite its incredible location, 2000 Walnut was previously closed off from the street and was in great need of upgrades and structural improvement. The $6 million project required the right vision for revitalization, and Element was able to modernize 2000 Walnut with the city’s unique lifestyle in mind. By creating extensive outdoor living spaces and leveraging the neighborhood’s walkable nature, Element fashioned a community that encourages socialization and resident interaction. Working with partners like Burke Builders and leveraging their own extensive expertise on similar projects throughout the city of Boulder, Element was able to successfully overhaul the 32-unit apartment building’s interior and exterior, focusing on energy-efficient systems, windows and insulation, without displacing any existing residents. From high-end finishes inside to new amenities outside, this project illustrates Element’s ability to rejuvenate neighborhoods through design excellence and unequaled expertise.